TRICK OR REATERS is a national effort to promote childhood literacy at Halloween by connecting trick-or-treaters of all ages to our free collection of over 100 scary, mysterious, and fantastical stories and the engaging activities and book recommendations that accompany them. 

Halloween is a day where we all play

with story.  Millions dress up to celebrate the heroes, villains, and other characters that strike their fancy.  Millions more answer the doorbell and give candy in exchange for a glimpse at these costumes. What if in addition to (or instead of) giving candy, we offered stories? 


 —Kirsten Cappy, Curious City, T.O.R. Founder 

To participate, simply print and distribute Trick-or-Reaters flyers this Halloween to encourage the kids in your community to join the 35,000+ readers who've already visited our site.


Want to help promote Trick-or-Reaters at your event or in your community? Download our amazing logo, designed by Kevan Atteberry.

TRICK OR REATERS was originally brewed up by Curious City and the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. The Head Ghoul is now Amy Denecker, Librarian & Literacy Advocate. 



TRICK OR REATERS owes more than an inch of inspiration to Neil Gaiman’s All Hallows Read and to the bookish who have been dropping books in trick-or-treaters' bags for decades. For first inking the monsters that have stolen the “T” from “Treaters” to transform it to “Reaters,” our thanks go out to the students of the Maine College of Art Illustration Department circa 2013. 


A special thanks to Monster Trucks children’s book author Anika Denise for her freakishly fantastic support.

Trick or Reaters 

TRICK OR REATERS is a trademark of Kirsten Cappy DBA Curious City


Trick or Reaters Illustrator

The banner illustration was created by the frightfully fabulous Kevan J. Atteberry.  The characters are from the picture book I Love You More Than the Smell of Swamp Gas!

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