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Each Halloween, 10,000+ trick-or-treaters visit this site to discover scary, mysterious, and fantastical children's books. Will your book haunt these new readers?  

Here's how it works:



Authors, illustrators or publishers provide T.O.R. with the required content (download the appropriate guidelines PDF below).


T.O.R. creates a feature page containing all of the submitted content.


T.O.R. provides schools, libraries, bookstores, organizations, families and individuals with flyers to be handed out in trick-or-treat bags.

So, if you’re an author, illustrator, publisher or agent of a PAL book(s)* written for ages 3-12, let's get started!


The flyers direct kids here to discover new books via the Scare-O-Meter or by age or topic.

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Your book stays on the T.O.R. site for year-round discovery and remains each year as the catalog builds!

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*All books featured on the T.O.R. website must be published by traditional publishing houses that do not charge fees to authors or illustrators. T.O.R. reserves the right to curate the featured collection of stories, authors and illustrators.