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Quarantine this Halloween?

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Halloween is just around the corner, and who knows what tricks the world will have in store for us this year! To be sure children have a treat to look forward to (and to continue our mission of promoting literacy), we’re building a library of spooky, mysterious, out-of-this-world read-alouds that kids and families can explore and enjoy this Halloween. 

Are you interested in recording a video of yourself reading your picture book or an excerpt from your novel? If so, wonderful! The steps listed below will guide you through the process. To polish it off, we will be adding Trick or Reaters opening and closing pieces to your video.


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Your book stays on the T.O.R. site for year-round discovery and remains each year as the catalog builds!


T.O.R. promotes the read-alouds and discovery tools to schools, libraries, bookstores, organizations, families and individuals through social media and an extensive mailing list.


Authors, illustrators or publishers provide T.O.R. with the required video content and "Story to Snatch" book teaser.


Kids will discover your book through the read-aloud and the Scare-O-Meter, which sorts by age or topic.


T.O.R. posts the read-aloud on our homepage and creates a feature page  in our TOR Discovery Tool for a one-time fee.


So, if you’re an author, illustrator, publisher or agent of a PAL book(s)* written for ages 3-12, let's get started!

The creator is responsible for securing permission from their publisher for their read aloud and for alerting TOR if the video needs to be removed on a certain date.

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Story to Snatch: What can you provide that is a teaser to your scary, mysterious, or fantastical book?

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*All books featured on the T.O.R. website must be published by traditional publishing houses that do not charge fees to authors or illustrators. T.O.R. reserves the right to curate the featured collection of stories, authors and illustrators.