And Then…

SNATCH A STORY The power of imagination + one smelly baby = Sea Monster!!!


By Alborozo Illustrated by Alborozo Published by Child’s Play-International ISBN-13: 9781846436956 Age Range: 4 – 7 Years

It’s hard being an older sister when everybody is admiring your newly born younger brother – particularly on your birthday. Especially when that younger brother is noisy, smelly and slimy – just like a tiny squid! How can our hero grab everyone’s attention, and grow to love her brother in the process?

This quirky, exuberant picture book reminds us of the power of the imagination, and shows us how telling stories can help us order and deal with our experiences.

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At the bouncy age of fifteen, Gabriel Alborozo began working as a cartoonist for Private Eye, Punch, The Spectator and numerous other magazines. He has been a freelance cartoonist and illustrator ever since. Along the way, he’s managed to fit in living in Australia for a while. Working in animation and archaeological illustration, he ended up in all sorts of hot and uncomfortable places. His first love, though, has always been illustrating for children, and bringing as much joy and happiness as possible into the worlds visited by his readers. He lives in Sussex by the seaside with his awesome wife, watches a lot of films (preferably containing robots and/or aliens), hides from seagulls, walks about quite a bit, and draws a great deal. He has a beard and likes hats. (Oh, and Wombats.)