Clive’s Jobs


According to Clive, dressing-up is not just for Halloween. Let’s play pretend every day!


Clive is a Teacher Clive is a Nurse Clive is a Waiter Clive is a Librarian By Jessica Spanyol Illustrated by Jessica Spanyol Published by Child’s Play-International Age Range: 1 – 3 Years

What will Clive be today? Follow Clive and his friends as they explore the many things a child can pretend to be. Role-play is crucial to a child’s positive development, boosting language and social skills, and building self-confidence. This humorous and caring interaction of an inclusive group of playmates will inspire young readers to create their own diverse roles, free of gender stereotypes.

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Since having my first book published in 2001, I have become a mum of 3 children including girl /boy twins. My own children’s pretend play and dressing up fun has been a great source of inspiration for my Clive books. I now live and work in a wooden house in the middle of London’s East End which my artist husband and I helped design and build.

When I am not busy working in my wooden studio, making up books, I love to visit schools and libraries and run hands on workshops for children to make up their own picture book characters. I hope that my new books gently question gender stereotypes and show children that they are free to play with any toys they wish, dress up as they wish and be who ever they want to be! I was delighted when Clive and his Babies received a Kirkus star and was named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2016.