Dem Bones


Close your eyes and listen to the bonesy opening to Dem Bones:



By Bob Barner

Book Published by Chronicle Books ISBN-13: 9781452156477

Audiobook Published by Weston Woods Studios Narrated by Chris Thomas King Music and vocals by Raul Malo

Age Range: 5 – 8 Years

Using a classic African American spiritual as a springboard, Barner dives gleefully into this clever anatomy lesson. Enthusiastic members of a skeleton band cavort across the pages, strumming guitars, blowing horns and otherwise helping to establish a spirited tone while imparting bits of relevant information. For the lyric “Leg bone connected to da knee bone,” for example, readers learn that the knee joint “works like a hinge,” enabling one to “kick, jump, squat, and dance.”  No bones about it, this will be a real boost for those looking to inject a little humor and fun into basic facts about the human body.

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Bob Barner is the creator of many popular children’s books including Dem Bones, Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! and Fish Wish.  He graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design and worked as an art director and illustrator before starting his career in publishing.  One of his first jobs after moving to Boston to begin his career was working as an artist for famous cartoonist Al Capp on the popular Li’l Abner comic strip.  After several other art director positions he quit his day job to begin his career as a full time illustrator for advertising and publishing.  Working for clients like the New England Aquarium, The Boston Globe, Pan Am, Houghton Mifflin, Little Brown, Boston Museum of Science, Scholastic, Cricket Magazine, and Chronicle Books he has developed his collage art style and a broad range of creative expertise.  He lives with his wife Catherine in San Francisco.