From the Grave: Monster or Die



Monster Rule #9: A monster’s appearance should incite fear and significant revulsion to scare the socks off mere humans.


Moanday morning, with all its determined drear, crept up on me with silent, somber feet. It settled heavy on my broad shoulders, while I waited for the Odd Monsters Out bus to arrive. Bony skeleton trees clattered in the Uggarland wind. The swirling gust stirred up a powerful aroma of decay and dread. A scent I should have relished.

I shuffled my bucket-sized feet in my freshly polished boots. Even Uggarland’s gray gloom couldn’t quite calm me. I sensed trouble.

Last night when I’d peeked out my cobwebbed window to spy on the demons, I’d seen a bat flying upside down. A bad omen for sure. I had a keen sense for trouble—perhaps because I seemed to be in it so often or perhaps because a bit of Granny Bubbie’s witchy magic coursed through my misfit hide.

I’d heard the Demon Hours descend, louder and more terrifying than ever. That was when all wickedness ran amok in Uggarland. The wild ones—the untamed monsters who were unable to control their antisocial ways—had free roam. Their howls and growls still echoed in my ears...


From the Grave: Monster or Die

by Cynthia Reeg

Published by Jolly Fish Press Ages 9-12

Monster is as monster does, but Frankenstein Frightface Gordon is totally the wrong shade of ghastly green--pale, baby blue, in fact--and he's more concerned with keeping his pants neat and tidy than scaring the pants off his victims. But when a new law is passed to rid Uggarland of misfits such as Frank, he must decide if he will become the monster his parents can be proud of or be the monster he can be proud of. Trusting the monsterliest monster he knows, Frank looks to the grave and his dead grandmother to make his choice, entering into an adventure that will either seal his doom or prove he is truly monster enough.

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Cynthia Reeg. As a former school librarian, I love to create stories for young readers. I am a member of the SCBWI, ALA, and Spooky MG Authors. My children’s writings have appeared in such publications as Faces, Ladybug, and Highlights. I earned the Missouri SCBWI Mentorship Award for my middle grade fantasy, THE SLIGHTLY TANGLED TALES OF JIM-BO BAXTER.From the Grave (2017 ZIA Award winner) and Into the Shadowlands are two of my MG fantasies published by Jolly Fish Press/North Star Editions. I enjoy sharing my love of reading and writing with students through real and virtual school visits. I divide my time between St. Louis, MO and Naples, FL.