Hello, Future Me


Audiobook narrated by Elizabeth Cottle


Hello, Future Me

By Kimberly Ventrella

ISBN 978-133857617-7

Published by Scholastic

Age 8-12

When matchmaker June learns that her parents are getting divorced, she’s determined to maker them fall back in love. While brainstorming ideas on her new secondhand laptop—purchased from the mysterious Shop of Last Resort—June gets a strange IM from someone claiming to be her future self. At first, she assumes it’s a prank. But Future June knows too much about June's life to be a fraud, and she warns her against interfering. But June can’t just sit around and watch her parents’ marriage dissolve, not when there’s a magical shop in town that couldbe the answer to all her problems! Will June prove her older self wrong and stop the divorce? Or will she have to accept that there are some things in life she can’t fix?

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KIM VENTRELLA is the author of THE SECRET LIFE OF SAMHELLO, FUTURE MEBONE HOLLOW and SKELETON TREE. Her works explore difficult topics with big doses of humor, whimsy and hope. Kim has held a variety of interesting jobs, including children’s librarian, scare actor, Peace Corps volunteer, French instructor and overnight staff person at a women’s shelter, but her favorite job title is author. She lives in Oklahoma City with her dog and co-writer, Hera. Find out more at follow Kim on Twitter and Instagram (@kimventrella).

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