We’re Pirasaurs! We’re Pirasaurs! We’re scary, cruel, and mean! We steal and cheat and trick-or-treat! We love our Halloween!


By Josh Funk

Illustrated by Michael H. Slack

Published by Scholastic, Inc.

Age Range: 3 – 5 Years

We’re Pirasaurs! We’re Pirasaurs! We rule the open seas! We’ll cannon-blast you to the past! We do just what we please!

Meet the Pirasaurs, a ragtag team of seasoned pirate dinosaurs looking for adventure and treasure! There’s fearsome Captain Rex, golden-toothed Velocimate, one-eyed Bronto Beard, and more fearsome, buccaneering beasts….as well as one new recruit who may be small, but who’s eager to prove he can learn the ropes and find his place on the team.

But when a trap is set upon the Pirasaurs while looking for buried treasure, it’s up to the littlest recruit to show the team that there’s more to a Pirasaur than meets the eye patch!

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Grab Your Crayons Landlubbers & Color Pirasaurs!


Josh grew up in New England and studied Computer Science and Vampirism in school. Today, he still lives in New England and when not writing Java code or Python scripts, he drinks Java coffee, Type B-Positive Cocktails, and writes picture book manuscripts.

Josh is terrible at writing bios, so please help fill in the blanks. When Josh was 6, he was a _______ for Halloween. His costume consisted of ________ and ________ , but he ran out of _______ so he wore a ________ on his _______ instead. While trick-or-treating, he went up to Mr. _______’s house on a dare, but was chased away by a pack of wild ________ (he still wets his ________ when he sees them today).


Trick or Reaters 

TRICK OR REATERS is a trademark of Kirsten Cappy DBA Curious City


Trick or Reaters Illustrator

The banner illustration was created by the frightfully fabulous Kevan J. Atteberry.  The characters are from the picture book I Love You More Than the Smell of Swamp Gas!

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