Pirate Jack Gets Dressed



Pirate Jack Gets Dressed By Nancy Raines Day Illustrated by Allison Black Published by Beach Lane Books ISBN-13: 9781481476645 Ages: 3-7

Ahoy, matey! Join jaunty pirate Captain Jack as he uses every color of the rainbow to pick out his outfit in this bright and bold read-aloud.

It’s the crack o’ dawn, and dapper Pirate Jack is ready t’ get dressed for a day out on the high seas with his motley crew. He’ll need every color of the rainbow to make his outfit complete—from his itchy gray long johns and his toasty pink socks to his bright red sash and his cozy purple coat. And he won’t be forgettin’ his black eye patch and trusty brown peg leg, either!

But just as he’s about to step outside, he realizes he’s still missing one color: green! Thank goodness a certain feathered friend is ready to jump from her swing and onto his shoulder to complete his colorful look. Squawk!

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Adopt a Piratical Parrot


Nancy Raines Day loves sharing the wonders of the natural world with children through her picture books, which include What in the World? Numbers in Nature and Way Down Below Deep. In addition to Pirate Jack Gets Dressed, Nancy is the author of the celebratory picture books Hoorade Day! and Baby’s Firsts. She lives on St. Simons Island in Georgia.

Allison Black is an illustrator and designer specializing in cute and colorful creations. Originally from upstate New York, Allison received her BFA at Syracuse University, and has since lived in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and now Columbus, Ohio. Over the years, she has developed products ranging from baby bedding and toddler clothes to Christmas ornaments and Easter baskets. But no matter what she’s creating, she always brings a little Allison flair to the product through her illustration style, thoughtful design, and fanciful critters.