Secrets of Bearhaven: Book 1


Close your eyes and listen to the adventurous opening to Secrets of Bearhaven, Book #1:



By K.E. Rocha Book

Published by Scholastic, Inc

ISBN-13: 9780545813037 Audiobook Published by Scholastic Audio Narrated by Louisa Gummer

Age Range: 8 – 12 Years

It starts with a chase. When Spencer Plain is pulled out of school in the middle of the day, he never expects to be speeding down the highway with his uncle, trying to outpace the car that’s tailing them. And he certainly never thought he’d find himself fleeing from a bear through the woods.

And when he hears the bear say “We’ve been expecting you,” Spencer knows he’s just uncovered a whole world he’d never imagined. He’s brought to Bearhaven, a secret oasis his parents created for bears.

But there are depths to Bearhaven that Spencer and his new bear cub friend, Kate, start to uncover. Spencer finds out he’s been there before, even if he can’t remember. He also stumbles into a rescue mission being planned, to save a bear in danger. He knows he can help, and he’s desperate to find clues to his parents’ whereabouts, so he and Kate decide to take matters into their own hands – even if they discover a secret that could threaten Bearhaven’s future! Look For It If You Dare… Local Library | Local Bookstore | Amazon | B&N



K.E. Rocha is the author of Secrets of Bearhaven. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and their dog Reggie, but escapes to Vermont with her family as often as possible to write, recharge and find inspiration for Spencer’s next adventures, and for her own.

Kristin always wanted to be a writer, but her first job was working on a llama farm. She often exercises her creativity by inventing things to make for dinner – her husband is a very good sport. She has never seen a black bear in the wild, but she is practicing her Ragayo for the day that she does.

Kristin’s current job as the Secrets of Bearhaven author and story developer for Egg in the Hole Productions is her favorite post so far. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, and an MFA from New York University.