That Night, a Monster



By Marzena Sowa

Illustrated by Berenika Kolomycka Published by Uncivilized Books

ISBN-13: 9781941250303

Age Range: 6 – 10 Years

Thomas is a friend to all plants. He even has a cactus collection! One morning, he discovers his mother has been replaced by a ferna monstrous fern! What happened? Is this the start of a plant revolt? Did the fern eat her? Where did this fern come from, anyway? Will it eat his father too? And then Thomas? That Night, A Monster . . . is a beautifully painted all-ages graphic novel exploring imagination: its power and its dark side.

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Marzena Sowa is an internationally renowned Polish graphic novelist. Her best known work Marzi — a memoir of Communist Poland through the eyes of a child—has been translated into several languages. She loves dictionaries and cheesecake, hates spiders, and is a crazy skateboarder (even if she is not very good!). Marzena lives in Brussels.

Berenika Kołomycka is a cartoonist, sculptor, illustrator. In 2011, she received the Grand Prix at the Łodz International Comics Festival. Kołomycka is Poland’s best-selling children’s graphic novelist. She lives in Poland.


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