The Boy Who Lost His Bumble


How about a bee costume next Halloween?


By Trudi Esberger Illustrated by Trudi Esberger Published by Child’s Play-International    ISBN-13: 9781846436611 Age Range: 3 – 8 Years

The boy in this debut picture book is fascinated by the bees in his garden, and is puzzled and saddened when they disappear one rainy day. What can have caused them to leave, and is there anything he can do to get his bumble back? Nothing he tries is successful, but things start to look a little brighter with the arrival of Spring.

A gentle, quirky introduction to the cycles of nature, with an important and highly topical message about the value of bees to our world.

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Trudi Esberger stayed in her home town of Sheffield, England, to study Fine Art. After graduating, she worked in design and advertising agencies in London. But the attraction of drawing and illustration was too strong, and Trudi embarked on a new journey exploring her love of picture books. In 2012, she graduated from Cambridge School of Art with a Masters in Children’s Book Illustration. Trudi now works part-time as a lecturer on an Art foundation course and writes and illustrates children’s books for the other part. She finds it very rewarding and she loves what she does.

Photo Credit: Richard Chambury