The Great Googly Moogly



By Courtney Dicmas Illustrated by Courtney Dicmas Published by Child’s Play-International    ISBN-13: 9781846436390                  Age Range: 3 – 7 Years

Nobody has ever been able to catch The Great Googly Moogly – a giant and terrifying fish of legend.

But Stella aims to do just that. Armed with fishing gear and differing baits, she sets out every day to realize her dream, whatever the weather. But what will she do if she succeeds?

Courtney Dicmas’s latest book features a strong and spirited character determined to achieve her goal, but it also reflects our responsibilities to other creatures, and our place in the natural world.

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When Courtney Dicmas was six years old, she caught a giant fish with a stick and some pepperoni – no, really she did! Nowadays, Courtney makes up stories with her partner in a garden full of pudgy snails. To this day, she feels the best adventures often start with bare feet and an empty bucket. Courtney’s first book – Harold Finds a Voice -was published in 2013.


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