The Truce:


The Truce (Ghosts of Ordinary Objects series, 3)

by Angie Smibert

Published by Boyds Mill 978-1629798523

Ages 10-12

Twelve-year-old Bone, whose Gift allows her to see memories in everyday objects, must unearth her family's deepest secrets to find her favorite, missing uncle. This supernatural historical mystery is the final book in the critically-acclaimed and emotionally-resonant Ghosts of Ordinary Objects trilogy.

In a southern Virginia coal-mining town in December 1942, Bone Phillips is learning to control her Gift: seeing the history of a significant object when she touches it. But one object is off limits: Uncle Ash's World War I dog tags, which hold memories of terror. When a body identified as Uncle Ash turns up inside the mines, Bone will need every ounce of courage she can summon to not only find her beloved uncle through the dog tags but prove that he isn't the thief the mine supervisor claims he is. The Truce is the riveting conclusion to the Ghosts of Ordinary Objects trilogy, with Bone facing her greatest challenge yet.

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Angie Smibert is the author of the middle grade historical fantasy series, Ghosts of Ordinary Objects, which includes Bone’s Gift, Lingering Echoes, and The Truce. She’s also written three young adult science fiction novels: Memento Nora, The Forgetting Curve, and The Meme Plague. In addition to numerous short stories, she’s published over two dozen STEM books for kids. She teaches writing for Southern New Hampshire University’s creative writing M.F.A. program, Indiana University, and Virginia Western Community College. She lives in Roanoke, Virginia with a goofy dog (named after a telescope) and three bickering cats (named after Tennessee Williams characters).