Whobert Whover: Owl Detective


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By Jason Gallaher

Illustrated by Jess Pauwels

Published by Margaret K. McElderry Books

ISBN-13: 9781481462716

Age Range: 4 – 6 Years

Help Whobert Whover, Owl Detective, keep his woods safe in this hilarious who-who-dun-it.

What happened to Perry the Possum? Whobert Whover, Owl Detective, is on the case!

Did Debbie the Duck whack Perry with her wicked wings?

Or did Freddie the Frog soak Perry in his sickening slime?

And what if the culprit is closer to home than Whobert expects?

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Jason Gallaher was born under a full moon on a stormy night. He’s still not sure whether that means he will turn into a werewolf, but in the meantime, Jason creates stories that mix the flamboyantly whacky with the slightly dark. When not writing, Jason zips about Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, this zipping happens in a car and not on a broomstick, an especially disappointing fact considering one of his favorite movies is The Witches starring Anjelica Huston. Jason’s debut picture book, WHOBERT WHOVER, OWL DETECTIVE, all about an owl solving slightly spooky mysteries in a big forest, is out now from Margaret K. McElderry Books/Simon & Schuster!

Jess Pauwels lives in Brussels, Belgium, so she can have the best French fries, the darkest chocolate, and the crunchiest Speculoos in the entire world. With her artist’s cap on eight months a year, she mostly draws picture books and magazines stories. She loves caffeine, colored pencils, traveling, and documentaries about monkeys.


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